PAYMENTS: To the Pointe. requires that all SCHOOL YEAR students pay for their last month's tuition at the time of registration. This is the June tuition for the upcoming season. June's tuition is 100% non-refundable. Thereafter, tuition is due on the 1st of every month beginning with September 1st by automatic credit card payments and will hold your spot in class. Automatic payments for September are usually delayed to mid-month due to open registration and class transfers. All other automatic payments will be batched during the first week of each month. Tuition is a yearly sum divided into equal monthly payments. Unpaid students will not be admitted into class. Tuition remains the same regardless of the number of weeks in a month or holidays. Tuition is non refundable, non transferable between dancers, and not credited due to missed or dropped classes. Dancers ARE permitted to transfer from one class to another without fees. Unpaid students will not be permitted to participate in any recitals. Tuition can be paid by Credit Card or check. Under our new e-commerce system your credit card will be billed automatically monthly unless notification is sent via email to [email protected] or you call the office at 410-634-2430 requesting to pay by check at least 5 days prior to the 1st of the month. You will receive an immediate email receipt for automatic tuition payments. You are responsible for keeping your account current and updating your account information should your card be declined or your card expire. You may do so by logging into our customer portal at anytime. Please mail all payments to To the Pointe. 2 North Maple Ave. Bldg. B-1 Ridgely, MD 21660. There will be a fee of $35 for any check returned by the bank. There will be a $10 late charge automatically added to accounts paid after the 15th of the month.


LEVEL AND STAFF: For student safety, dancers are only permitted to register and attend classes at the level that To the Pointe. staff places them in or according to their age. No student or parent may promote themselves or their child into a higher level. Parents may request a written evaluation of student progress. Staff is subject to change without notice.

INFORMATION AND HOLIDAYS are posted on the bulletin board as well as on our website and studio Facebook and Twitter pages. Stay informed by checking for important dates and updates. It is the parent's responsibility to follow up and stay informed with studio current events. Regular email reminders are sent to those who give us email addresses.

MAKE UPS: There are no class make ups. Exception: when class is canceled by To the Pointe. i.e. Snow Days. Classes may not be made up due to sports practices or games, vacations or other activities. Please be sure you choose a class time that you will be able to attend all year before making your commitment to dance.

DANCE ATTIRE is required for all dance classes. The proper attire sets a standard in class for behavior, respect for the classroom and the style of dance being taught. It also allows the instructors to make necessary corrections, see where improvement is needed, lessens distractions and enables the teacher to praise correct alignment. The teacher is unable to properly observe the students body movements for correct form and technique if the proper attire is not worn. Hair must be pulled off the face. Absolutely NO JEWELRY as it is a hazard. Dance shoes should only be worn inside the studio. Street shoes are not permitted on the dance floor at any time. Please see class descriptions for your class dress code or ask your teacher for more detailed information. Attire policy will be strictly enforced. Be sure to check out the sample leotards in the store for the accurate uniform color for your class. Students who are not appropriately dressed (including hair) will be asked to sit and observe the class.

Hair should be secured in a ponytail, braid or bun, depending on the style of dance (all Ballet I-V classes require buns), with long bangs clipped or pinned out of face. If hair is short, a headband or small ponytail should be in place. Depending on your class(es) the shoes required are: pink leather or canvas ballet slippers, black buckle tap shoes, black leather jazz shoes, black jazz sneakers, black ghillies or foot undeez. Dancers in classes without the correct color leotard and tights will have to sit and watch class. Please be sure to tuck ballet shoe drawstrings in so that we do not have to worry about them coming untied. Also, all female dancers must wear footed or convertible tights. Especially in our Modern and Jazz classes, dancers sometimes work on rolls, high kicks, splits, etc. Girls who are not wearing tights can be inappropriately exposed at these times. Leotards without tights can also ride up and become too revealing. Dance shoes can fit uncomfortably on barefeet; tights can add cushion and reduce friction. Please be sure that dance pants worn in tap and jazz classes are cropped or capri length. Longer pants cause tripping and keep the instructors from being able to see the feet and ankles to make corrections. Underwear can be left off. It is unnecessary under leotards and often makes dancers uncomfortable and embarrassed as it rides down below the leg line of leotards. Dancers will not be allowed to wear underwear at recital so now is a great time to start preparing them. Check the attire policy for your dancers' class on the Class Descriptions page of our website, through your account portal or ask Ms Bri if you are unsure.

We have a CLOSED CLASSROOM policy. This means that NO family and friends (unless approved) will be allowed into the classroom while the class is in session. This will allow the students to focus on the instruction instead of the distraction of having others in the studio. There will be times during the year when others are invited to come in and watch, even participate. Students and parents coming in for the next class are asked to wait outside the classroom until class is over.

ATTENDANCE is vital to a dancer’s ability to learn and retain technique. Please be sure to arrive on time. Students who are even 5-10 minutes late miss important warm up exercises and risk injury. Dancers who arrive more then 10 minutes late will not be permitted to participate but must observe. Please feel free to contact Ms. Bri if you have any questions.

Studio Policy subject to change if necessary.